Climate-Controlled Storage in Calgary, AB

Welcome to NorLocker Heated Mini Storage, a locally owned and operated company with people who are proud to offer a simple climate-controlled storage solution in Calgary, AB. 

Convenient Storage Location

View our location map here, and visit us at 625 28 St NE, Calgary, AB T2A 4L6, we offer helpful amenities such as individual access codes, online reservations, packing supplies, and an on-site moving service that’s affordable and practical.

Climate-Controlled Storage

 Finding a worthy climate-controlled storage unit is not always easy. Whether you are a newbie to storage or have used this type of service several times in the past, you may think that the only factor would be the cost. However, there are many others, including easy access. To illustrate: can you easily maneuver a truck around the facility? We offer dock access, for instance, which is an amazing benefit when loading delicate items such as furniture. 

Friendly Customer Service

 If you’re nervous about having your belongings stored away for an unknown amount of time, don’t worry. Our friendly team will work with you patiently and make it an easy, relaxed process. Plus, having access to climate-controlled storage is in itself such a reassuring feeling. Simply learning about the features of this type of storage is almost like being in front of someone saying all you need to hear to dispel any doubts. 

Protection Against the Elements

Our climate-controlled storage units maintain steady, adequate temperature levels to protect your belongings from the variations that could cause various types of damage such as warping or rusting. Rent a Climate-Controlled storage unit today! Not only that but the moisture in the units is also kept in check during storage time. After all, no one wants mold to start growing anywhere near their possessions! 

 If you’re considering using our heated mini storage services, don’t hesitate to reserve your unit online. From electronics to furniture and musical instruments, you can prevent any unwanted damage to your stored items by choosing the right solution for your needs. If you plan on getting access to your possessions often, you will certainly be making your life more comfortable by choosing one of our climate-controlled storage spaces!